Portable Nano Lash Mist

Portable Nano Lash Mist

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The Nano Lash Mist is a rechargeable hand-held lash extension curering device. It uses ultrasonic wave shock technology to convert water into a nanometer scale for deeper penetration and absorption. 

Comes with:

- 1 x Nano Spray

- 1 x USB Charge Cord

How to refill water: 

- Turn the device upside down

- Unscrew the lid and fill with distilled water

- Securely screw device back together 

How to use:

- Hold the Nano Mist about 30cm away from the client's lashes and mist right to left for about 15 seconds


For best hygiene practice, empty mist bottle each evening and refill in the morning to ensure best safety and hygiene practices are followed. 

Best time to use:

5 mins after completion of one eye or full set, remove padding and tape. Fan dry as usual then mist. 


Using the nano mist is great for clients with sensitive eyes as it will reduce:

  • the risk of allergic reaction from overexposure to the adhesive vapours.
  • stinging, redness or discomfort 
  • Provide a refreshing wake up from a lash nap