• Please brush your teeth prior to your appointment.
  • Please avoid foods that will stain your teeth at least 24 hours prior.

Just about anyone is a candidate for teeth whitening. However, the following cases should be considered:

  • People with dark yellow or yellow‐brown teeth tend to whiten better than people with gray or bluish‐grey teeth.
  • Multi‐colored teeth, especially if due to tetracycline (a type of antibiotic), do not whiten very well.
  • People with significant periodontal disease are not good candidates.
  • If you are pregnant, obtain permission from your doctor before trying the whitening procedure.
  • People with minimal discoloration, (teeth that are already very white) may not see a substantial degree of whitening.

Any current restoration you have, such as, fillings, porcelain crowns, onlays and inlays cannot be whitened, this process will remove any surface stains that have gathered on existing dental work.


THE WHITE DIET:  After a teeth whitening treatment, the pores of your enamel are open and this makes them extra vulnerable to any stains which can reverse a lot of the whitening benefit from your treatment. Follow the White Diet for 24-48 hours after a teeth whitening treatment. Once the pores close, which usually happens within 24-48 hours after the procedure, you can resume your normal habits. An easy rule to remember is anything that would stain white fabric; Avoid it! Remember though the more staining your diet the faster you will re-stain your teeth. Taking care with what you eat will keep your smile whiter for longer.

NON-STAINING BEVERAGES: Water, sparkling water, and milk.

BEVERAGES to AVOID:  Lemonade, orange juice, any acidic fruit juice, energy drinks, tea and coffee, colas and other fizzy drinks.

NON-STAINING ALCOHOLIC DRINKS:  Vodka, gin, white wine, and champagne.

ALCOHOLIC DRINKS TO AVOID:  Red Wine, stout or dark beer, coloured mixed drinks, coloured cocktails, and dark spirits.

FOOD YOU CAN HAVE: Chicken, turkey,  white fish, white rice, white pasta, white sauce, cauliflower,  cottage cheese, potatoes (NO skin), bananas, and peeled apples.

FOODS TO AVOID: Try to avoid foods with colour. The more colourful, the more likely it can stain your teeth. Coloured fruit and vegetables i.e. capsicum, carrots and orange fruits and vegetables, broccoli, spinach and green vegetables, dark and milk chocolate, rye and dark bread, tomatoes and red sauces such as spaghetti sauce, curries and pickles, beetroot, berries, butter and margarine, and coloured lollies.