Covid-19 Appointment Policy

If you are booking in for a cosmetic tattoo or BB Glow service, for your safety, we advise you to allow two weeks before and after receiving your vaccine as it may temporarily compromise your immune system and complicate the healing process.
To ensure we are following the NSW Government safe work guidelines for COVID19, we have updated our Business Covid Safety Plan. These policies will be effective to help maintain a safe environment for everyone:
1. We will be rescheduling your appointment if you have any signs of cold or flu symptoms or feeling unwell. 
2. All client information must be up to date on their client file. Please let us know if you have updated any details.
3. Must check in upon arrival. QR codes are posted on the front window. 
4. Following social distancing guidelines. Workstations are adjusted to be 1.5 metres apart to maintain physical distancing.
5. No plus ones at appointments. The salon is at capacity of 5 clients, the rest will be required to wait outside of the premise. Clients will be seated 4 square metres apart in the waiting area. During treatments, staff and clients will do their best to acheive this rule.
6. Sanitise your hands before and after your treatment. Hand sanitiser will be provided at the door.
7. Face masks must be worn unless you are receiving a treatment that requires you to remove it or have an exemption.
8. Metal tools are always disinfected inbetween clients. All other disposables are single use only. All surfaces that may have been touched will be disinfected after each client.
9. We will ensure proper ventilation. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are well-maintained and operating
Thank you for your cooperation throughout this time! Any questions or further clarification, please contact us.