Mattify and Clear Peel :The Mandelic peel is an AHA designed to provide skin clarity and deep cleanse. Contains mandelic acid, niacinamide and clove oil. This peel is generally suited for oily, congested and problematic skins to assists mop excess oil, cleanse and even skintone. 

Hydrate and Firm Peel: Lactic peel is a AHA that is suitable for normal and dry skin, and with early signs of aging on the skin including fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration due to sun damage. This peel is designed to increase hydration and provide firmer skin.

Rejuvenate and Revitalise Peel: A-Zyme peel is a vitamin A (retinol) peel that has an added exfoliating ingredient, bromelian to help brighten and provide overall skin rejuvenation to the look of your skin. Suitable for normal, dry or oily skins concerned with signs of premature aging and uneven skin. 

Add On - Brightening Mask: The Brightening Accelerator Mask is ideal for normal, dry or oily skin types concerned with discoloration due to sun damage or skin lacking in vitality. It features a combination of AHA and BHA with Niacinamide combined with a powerful blend of brightening agents to help resurface the skin and restore clarity and luminosity. May be performed on all Fitzpatrick skin classifications.